• Years ago when I was in the midst of my own personal growth work, a therapist said to me, "Jaspen, you've got to stop seeing people in relationships who should really be your clients".  Apparently, my empathic nature set me on a wayward romantic path sometimes.  Well, I took this advice to heart and now I practice a little more discernment.  In any case, here I am still single.   This test will tell whether you belong on my therapy room couch, or on my living room couch.  Or perhaps you belong in a different room altogether :o

    Take this test, and let's find out!


    The questions will be framed in terms of heterosexual, two-person relationships.  If you are gay and/or consciously polyamorous, please apply each question to your own situation.


    As with all tests, if you want to receive accurate and relevant results, answer with absolute honesty. Each question has only a few answer choices. It is likely that in real life, you might do something completely different for each situation posed. However, for the sake of this test, please select an option that comes closest to one that you would actually choose.  If you're not sure about a question, go with how you're feeling at the moment.  This test is a quicker, quirkier version of another test that I've written.  It's pretty short, kind of random, and definitely just for fun, so please don't get all bent out of shape about it.   If you do, you owe me $80.




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    Disclaimer: This is a brand new test, and we're still working out the kinks.  If your results don't seem right on, please read the next category up - we're still organizing the statistics.  Thanks!