• This is just a test of things I have heard about and always wondered or questions that just pop into my head when I have to much time on my hands.

    It tests if you are a wonderer and if so what kind. Are you the wonderer who questions things that may have answers or are just plain silly? Or do you wonder about the things we will never know or deeper more philosophical things?

    All you have to do is answer "yes" if you have ever wondered about what is described in the question. If you have not wondered about that leave it blank or answer "no".

    Basically it is meant to be more stupid and whimsical than to have any actual point. Maybe if I get lucky it might mess with your head a little but I doubt it.

    I have only one request, if you think my test is great, rank it. If you think my test sucks, send me a message and let me know why before you rank it.

    So here we go. DO YOU EVER WONDER...