• The saying goes, "Why is it called common sense if it is so uncommon?" Are you curious how your sensibility stacks up versus the common man (or woman)? Here is a convenient little test to see if there really is such a thing as common sense lurking out there.

    How to take this test:

    This is very important. Don't think too hard about your answers. This isn't a logic or knowledge test per se. It's about your initial gut feeling and what you know of the world as society tells you.

    For example, a question asked 1000 years ago about the Earth being flat would have a positive common sense score for the answer of NO. Common sense doesn't always mean it's the right answer! So don't worry about getting questions "right"; there's only common answers in this test.

    If you really want to just look good and score high, take it a second time and think about every answer. But otherwise, just go with your gut answer.

    Stats as of 3-28-2008
    *The 40-45 age group is scoring highest on average