• Hi! And welcome to my Do You Know Doctor Who Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine how much you know about the fictional world of Doctor Who. This quiz relates only to the TV show, the Fox/BBC TV movie, and the official spinoff shows....no books or audio.
  • 1
    We'll start off easy. The Doctor travels through time and space in the TARDIS. What does TARDIS stand for?

  • 2
    How many Doctors have there been in the TV series?

  • 3
    Here is a sort of interesting computer generated monster. What is it called?

  • 4
    Which Doctor first encountered it?

  • 5
    We mention a number of Doctors. This is because the Doctor can regenerate, allowing the BBC to change the actor from time to time. In the picture above, we see the 6th Doctor and his companion, Peri. Upon regenerating from his 5th incarnation to his 6th, the Doctor did something unusual. What was it?

  • 6
    The Skasis Paradigm, a sort of mathematical equation that allows the user to change reality, appeared in which story or stories?

  • 7
    Where do we first encounter the Doctor?