• Hi! And welcome to my How well do you know your way around Pittsburgh, Pa? Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine wether or not you know the city of Pittsburgh or just how to talk Pittsburghese.
  • 1
    The Golden Triangle meets where?

  • 2
    Which is a popular street downtown?

  • 3
    If you were on the Southside drinking, chances are you will be where?

  • 4
    While you are at the bar you meet a hottie who tells you that they live in Imperial. Where is that?

  • 5
    Duquesnse Heights is just another name for?

  • 6
    West Penn Hospital is where?

  • 7
    To go to Monroeville Mall you would most likely jump on which part of the parkway?

  • 8
    The is no beach and there is no view. Where is Beechview?

  • 9
    A great view of downtown Pittsburgh can be seen from where?

  • 10
    Liberty Tunel is route...?

  • 11
    Im in Shadyside on..?

  • 12
    Wtf is Suburban General Hospital?

  • 13
    Point Shops are across from what?

  • 14
    Westinghouse High School is in?

  • 15
    Western Avenue is where?

  • 16
    Smallman Street is where?

  • 17
    Wtf is Turtle Creek?

  • 18
    If you are on Broadway Avenue you are probably in?

  • 19
    The Pittsburgh Steelers pratice where?