• Hi! And welcome to my do you know the Greek Gods Test. This is a simple test to see if you what you know about the Greek Gods.
  • 1
    An easy one to begin with, Who is the God of Gods?

  • 2
    Helios was the God of what?

  • 3
    The God of war was?

  • 4
    Poseidon was God of water but what else was he God of?

  • 5
    Which of these sports make was the name of a God/Goddess?

  • 6
    What was He/she God/Goddess of?

  • 7
    The Goddess of death was who?

  • 8
    Thetis was Goddess of what?

  • 9
    Thetis was mother to which Greek legend?

  • 10
    The God of flocks and herds was?

  • 11
    Aphrodite was Goddess of what?

  • 12
    Aphrodite son Priapus was God of what?

  • 13
    Hades was God of what?

  • 14
    Selene was Goddess of what

  • 15
    The God of sleep was?

  • 16
    The God of love that was portrayed as Cupid was?

  • 17
    The Goddess of peace was?

  • 18
    Morpheus was God of what?

  • 19
    Which of the Alton Towers rides shares the name with the God/Goddess of retribution?

  • 20
    The Goddess of Youth was?

  • 21
    Hephaestus is the God of what?

  • 22
    Hygeia is the Goddess of what?