The Do you know what it's like to be po' Test

  • 1
    Have you ever had to eat Ramen noodles out of sheer necessity?

  • 2
    Did you ever own a car that either needed to be started with a screwdriver or had any kind of plastic taped to it in place of a window?

  • 3
    Because of money, were you ever forced to drive around with no insurance?

  • 4
    Have you ever had anything turned off because you didn't pay the bill?

  • 5
    Have you ever put all of your clothes in any kind of plastic bags?

  • 6
    Have you ever sat by a window waiting for the mailman to deliver a government check?

  • 7
    Have you ever gone to sleep in order to not feel hungry - since you had no food or money?

  • 8
    Have you ever used dish washing soap to wash your hair or body because you couldn't afford the right product?

  • 9
    Have you ever gone barefoot because a family member woke up before you and took the only shoes in the house?

  • 10
    Have you ever had a sandwich with just mustard or mayo and could swear you could taste the meat? (Submitted by darkartificer)

  • 11
    Have you ever been homeless? (Choose the closest answer)

  • 12
    Another Car question, this one Submitted by "dudlydorit": Have you ever owned a car with a tire that had to be filled every day because you couldn't afford to "fix it right"? - Also answer yes if you drove around on a donut for more than a day...

  • 13
    Do you consider the "Dollar Menu" going out for dinner? (Submitted by Coeur_de_Glace)

  • 14
    Have you ever stood in line for government cheese? (Submitted by ripleys_cat)

  • 15
    Have you ever had to scrounge for change to buy just enough gas to get home? (Submitted by inspireme27)