• This tests for a rather rigid and pedantic view of what constitutes the scienctific method that one can find in The Logic of Scientific Discovery by Karl Popper.  Feedback after the initial version of this test resulted in my making some changes. Although today my understanding now extends beyond Popper's limits, I decided to keep the test rather than delete or completely re-write it as it still sorts out scientific thinking from religious dogma, conspiracy theory or the uncritical memorization of "facts." If you do not take the test or the categories too seriously I feel this is still an entertaining test and that it tells something about the way that you think.

    This is clearly an un-scientific test. I have done my best to ascertain whether you know and understand the basics of how science works. I have used real-world situations as much as possible in the formulation of the questions. Keep in mind that no answer to the question does affect your score, so if you are not sure of the correct answer please do not guess but leave it blank. The category descriptions I mean in good fun and I am sincerely trying to accomplish something postive.

    NOTE: as of June 8, 2006. Feedback from kind people who have taken the test have resulted in improvements and (I hope) increased clarity.