• This is a test for those who know me, know who I am, yadda yadda. First of all, you should know that doing this test in one tab while looking at one of "those" sites or my profile is against the law. Teh law of Morgan! I will arrest you if necessary! Look at this picture, do you really want me to beat you? 'Cause I will if you cheat. REMEMBER: NO READING MY PROFILE WHILE TAKING THE TEST, OR RIGHT BEFORE... not that I can keep you from it, but it's cheating, and you don't want me to beat you, remember? Moving on! =)

    Correct answers are worth 1 point apiece, except where noted.

    P.S. This is a test... test. It is only a test, but you should know that, I said it 4 times since I started this thing, jeez. What I mean to say, is I might take it down if no one enjoys it.

    P.P.S. I will not add categories... Just grade yourself as if it was a school paper or something 100% = A+ / 95-99 = A / 90-94 = A-, and so on...