• Let's face it, we all make something.
    No one is ever really satisfied by their dumb job.
    Maybe you are a writer, or you draw pictures or you are in a rock band, but you gotta do something, right?

    The question is, are you any good?

    You probably think you are - most people do.

    You're probably wrong. Art is really hard to do well, and objective self-criticism is even harder, so most artists are. Having said this, I acknowledge that this test has only limited accuracy. If you score very high, you are almost certainly a great artist. However, if you score low, you might very well still make good art. In fact, it is quite possible for a "very bad artist" to make one or two spectacualr works of art. But it is nearly impossible for such a person to be consistant. One of the worst things that can happen to a young artist is to acheive recognition early. It usually ruins them. And the goal is not just greatness, but consistant and sustainable greatness. Thanks for taking the test!

    Scoring: This test rewards good answers and punishes bad answers. If you skip a question, you get neither + points nor - points. Think of skipping a question as being none of the above. But in no more than 2 of the questions is "none of the above" the right answer. In other words, skipping a question will always or almost always get you zero. Wrong answers are -2 or -1. Right answers are +1 or +2.

    One last note: Answer honestly and don't try to outsmart the test - you'll just end up doing worse.

    Now! Find out if you make good art!