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    Hi! And welcome to my Do You Share Hawke's Interests Test. I thought I'd write, just for the fun of it, a more personalized test, rather than just he broader tests. I hope this doesn't come across as narcissistic, just thought it a good tool to try to the participant get a better idea of whether there might be things in common to enjoy. Part of a good friendship (or any relationship) besides communication and trust is common interests. I find I can usually find one, or a handful of interests in common with most people I meet, but rarely do I find anyone that shares most or all of my interests, maybe this is true for a lot of folks. So it would be interesting to see how many others are out there with the same batch of interests. Give a shot and let me know your thoughts and suggestions. This is only my second test, and it could probably use a little "Debugging". Plus, I will likely add more items later on when I have time. But enjoy for now. This is not a difficult test, and you could easily "cheat" if you wanted on many of the questions, but that wouldn't do anyone any good now would it? So please answer honestly. Although some are not quite as obvious as you might at first think. Skipping questions cause a significant "point reduction". Above all, have fun! So, question #1. How do you feel about J.R.R. Tolkien?

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    How do you feel about old school paper and dice role playing gaming?

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    How do you feel about computers, technology, etc?

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    How do you feel about Martial Arts (any style in general, lets not get into style debates here)? ;-)

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    How do you feel about motorcycles (let's not get into the debate on motorcycle types, whether it's a "rice burner", "crotch rocket", sport bike, touring bike, harley, whatever)?

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    What programming language do you like most?

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    Open source?

  • 8
    Being security conscious?

  • 9
    Security through obscurity?

  • 10
    What "real world" language was Tolkien's High Elvish (Quenya) based on?

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    Do you like to travel?

  • 12
    Enjoy the outdoors?

  • 13
    Do you believe that....

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    Old cars?

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    Like to play music (not listen, actually use an instrument or sing)?

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    How much do you like to be listening to music in your environment?

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    Hard work (job, around the home, volunteering, whatever).

  • 23
    Engaging intellectual conversation discussing philosophy, politics, religion, relationships, science or other depth?

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  • 25

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    The RIAA and/or MPAA?