• Do you think you're a dork? You probably are. I mean, you are on an internet dating site.

    There is not just one sort of dork: some are anime-obsessed, some can program a computer to self-destruct, and some are on their junior-college fencing team. I thought about making to flow chart to determine dorkiness once, and then I realized: Jeebus... that's really dorky.

    Anyway, what sort of dork are you? Do you dwell in a land of dragons and elves (not Keebler-style elves, either. Ugh. That's such an inaccurate elf protrayal)? Did you go to Comic-Con dressed as Hidei? Are you mentally correcting my grammar? What would you think if I told you that I hadn't seen Evil Dead yet?

    The answers you provide in this test aide you in cataclysmic self-discovery. Or you'll just keep yourself occupied for a few minutes whilst wasting time at work. Whichever.