•      Who can forget those magical days of watching Doug, one of the old-skool original Nicktoons? We cringed at his embarrassing mistakes; we laughed at his ridiculous imaginations. And somehow, despite it all, Doug always seemed to come out OK in the end, thanks to a little luck and a little help from his friends.

         But what about Skeeter, Patti, and Roger? They deserve to be recognized as well, because what's a hero without a best friend, a love interest, and a mortal enemy?

         And the supporting characters! The snobby Beebe, the athletic Chalky, the nerdy Sleech brothers Al and Moo, and the dramatic older sister Judy--don't forget Doug's adventures with them!

         Yes, it was a fantastic show. And to commemorate such a momentous work of art, I have created the Doug Personality Test, so that you, whether you're the long time Doug Fanboy/Fangirl or the Doug dilettante, can see where your niche would be in the Doug universe. Are you the lucky hero, the dependable buddy, the cruel bully, or one of the other eight fantastic personalities? There's only one way to find out! Come, reminisce with me