The Do-You-Match-Me and/or Are-You-A-Good/Mature-Adult Test

  • Hola. (Or, "hello," for you even-basic-phrases-from-other-languages illiterates ... .) Welcome to my Do-You-Match-Me and/or Are-You-A-Good/Mature-Adult Test.


    I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature - or something like that. This is a two-variable test. So, in theory, it'll track (1) whether you, theoretically, could be a match for me and/or (2) whether you're a "good"/mature adult, regardless of whether or not you could be a match for me.


    Obviously, not all y'all will agree with what makes a person a "good"/mature adult. But, that's why it's my test, and not yours. Besides, if you haven't the wisdom to concede mine, mebbe you're just not yet sufficiently mature, ja?


    Don't try to bullshit the test. Some of the questions might not have the what-you-think-is-be-the-obvious-answer. (For example, the answer with the most detail is not by any means the more-"correct"-as-to-compatibility-with-me one, nor is an answer with some pretty non-PC language necessarily a wrong one. :P ) Also - if the foregoing didn't seem complicated enough - another reason to be honest is that there may be more than one points-getting answer (and of course some answers might get more points than others).


    I AM trying to write it in such a way as to catch the "cheaters." (You know, the ones who might think that giving a not-exactly-honest-for-them answer, in order to score more "highly" is, in some version of the universe, helpful. For f***'s sake. Doing that would rather automatically fail you, as to either compatibility or maturity, yeah? *shakes head*) So answer honestly, whatever your answer is. Sheesh ... .


    So, because of the attempt-to-catch-the-would-be-cheaters thingie, the answer options are not necessarily listed in a basic spectrum (i.e., from low to high, etc.). You might have to think a moment about which answer is best for you. (And, to answer the question which might be ker-thwapping about yer brain - YES, I'm this much of a pain in the ass in person. Thoroughly delightful, but a monstrous pain in the ass.)


    Not every question relates to both factors. And not even _I_ get the good-adult-ness point on every one. (One time when I tested the test, I was only 92% compatible with myself - how great is that? - and 86% a good/mature adult. Perhaps that shows that I'm objective enough to know that I don't want someone _just_ like me. *grins proudly*)


    And - if you are interested in a hopefully-accurate result - DO think about the options, and don't answer blithely. Although some of the questions or answer options might be phrased silly-ly, look at the gist of each, yeah? There is actually some thought behind each question and answer option, and how each reflects on either or both of the variables.


    So ... . Fun, eh? Let the games begin ... .