The Drama Detector 101- What does Your Profile Say about You? Test

  • Measures the potential for relationship "Drama" based upon your online profile. How you present yourself and say what you are or are not looking tells more than you think...and may be repelling the men you are after, and attract the one's you are trying to avoid... Since I am a guy, I wrote this for women to take and am getting requests to expand it to accommodate everyone. Drama is not gender biased, men can bring there own version of drama into a relationship. Their profiles will tell the similar story as the women's.
  • Hi! And welcome to my Drama Detector 101 Test Part (A). You say you are a "No Drama Girl" Really...? What secrets does your profile tell. DRAMA is an interesting thing. DRAMA repels what you really want and attracts exactly what you don't want. What is Drama anyway? It is just a set of beliefs and expectations that we have about potential mates and relationships. Drama really doesn't become "Drama" until it hits the stage (a relationship) and has the spotlights shining. In the dressing room "un-birthed drama" looks and even feels very comfortable and identified. It is just part of who we are. How we present ourselves and how we state who we are looking for will project whether or not some of the beliefs and expectations may be unrealistic. And likely give Drama a starring role in your next relationship. After taking the test, some of you will be amused...some peeved and some will give me bad rating, delete the results and send me a nasty gram...c'mon we are just having a little fun. Of course who am I to judge what is proper to expect and believe about relationships...I guess you'll just have to ask me..... **I would be happy to discuss with anybody the logic and reasoning that went into constructing this test. (14 questions) and designed for women but could be taken by a man
  • 1
    Which trait out of the four would be the top trait you would list in your profile for what you were looking for in a guy?

  • 2
    When it comes to photos of you and your attitude towards photos, which most closely reflects you?

  • 3
    Which title would you choose to put on your profile given the choices below

  • 4
    When describing what the first date will look like....which one out of the four best reflects what you would like to see happen on the first date?....

  • 5
    Which statement best reflects your attitude and what you would put in your profile or do have?

  • 6
    Which of the four men best reflects the type of man that you say you are looking for......

  • 7
    How would you respond to a guy who sent the following unsolicited message to your profile. It started like this "Hey, I read thru your profile and I was going to add you to my favorites list but I decided against it because I don't know if you are one of my favorites yet..I would love to chat sometime"

  • 8
    Which of the four best captures what you would like to communicate about you to men.....

  • 9
    Out of the four if you had to pick one which bes reflects your attitude which would you pick to put in your profile.....

  • 10
    Out of the four comment which would be the one closest to the one you would use in your profile and you have to pick one...

  • 11
    Which statement best fits you

  • 12
    You have to pick one of the following. I am not saying that you have to put either one in profile. But if you had to pick one of the statement which would it be

  • 13
    Which one most accurately describes are being watched..