• The Dream Girl Test

    This test measures five metrics: Personality, Appearance, Life, Habits and Love. The kicker is that it measures them according to how well they match up to my feminine ideal.

    I've tried to sort all of the choices similarly (smallest to biggest, alphabetically, etc) to avoid cluing you in on my own particular preference. I've also tried to make all of the responses unambiguous. If you have any feedback on how these could be improved I would appreciate hearing it.

    Will this test be popular? Why not? Every other test on this site is biased according to the preconceptions of the test writer. I'm just being honest about it.

    More importantly, will I get a date with my dream girl out of it?

    UPDATE: This test originally had another category, "Demographics", that accounted for things like gender and how far away from me you live. That sort of blew the test for most takers so I've removed it. Take the test with the assumption that my Dream Girl is in fact female and it would be really convenient if she lived in the Atlanta area.