• 1
    When you typically daydream or dream, do you only see yourself doing this or do you strongly feel you can make it happen?

  • 2
    When was the last time you remembered what you really wanted to be a as a kid and dropped everything to become that?

  • 3
    If I dream it, it's totally possible!!!

  • 4
    What is you main basis for existing the way you do???

  • 5
    Ghandi or Walt Disney???

  • 6
    If married, have you been married more than once?? If never married, do you believe you can make it work once....forever??

  • 7
    Of the four, pick the one flower that you feel you would want to give to someone else.

  • 8
    Have you ever just woke up one day and said I am going somewhere, such as getting on a plane and going to Mexico, right now and ended up there in the next 24 hours?? Grocery stores, shopping, and someone's house do not count. Long distance.

  • 9
    Do you own a dog, cat, both, or something else?

  • 10
    Last question: if you are dating someone or are married did you settle or feel that this was the best person for you? If you are single, do you find yourself thinking about someone you have never met and somehow he/she was created in your mind?