• Welcome to the Dueling Master test. This test will determine what kind of fencing (think three musketeers) that you are based on 3 categories: 1. Skill - how much do you REALLY know about the art of the fence 2. Aggression - do you charge in, blade flashing, or run like a little boy? 3. Strategy - is your opponent dead before the first exchange, or are you just waving the blade around? This test is, of course, entirely based on my own experiences and prejudices about bladework, so if you don't like your result, deal with it. Sicne a few of you have been whining about the skill portion, it has been adjusted. Yeesh!
  • 1
    Lets Start With the basics. How many parries are there?

  • 2
    How many of these does it take to cover your whole body?

  • 3
    How many basic guard positions? (i.e. the manner in which the blade is held)

  • 4
    How should your weight be distributed?

  • 5
    What is the proper distance between you and your opponent?

  • 6
    Your opponent is coming in hard. What do you do?

  • 7
    Parry 4 (French System) defends what part of the body?

  • 8
    Parry 7 (French System) defends what part of the body?

  • 9
    Stesso Tempo?

  • 10
    How deep do you thrust? (not that way, sicko!)