• Hi, in this quiz we will test you on your literacy skills (spelling, and sentence structure, and word usage) and the test includes a style of questions used in the UK for dyslexia learning assessments. The results are not too scientific, and don't take the test seriously if English (UK) is not your first language (there will be minimum confusing words for you US, don't worry! :) Have Fun! Extremely well known UK Dyslexics include Prince Harry, Winston Churchill and of course the people's chef; Jamie Oliver. For you silly old US nationals, famous dyslexics include Woodrow Wilson (the world war president, remember), Henry Ford, and of course, the ever so "intellectual" GEORGE BUSH! As they say, Childrens do learn!
  • 1
    Firstly, I'm gonna test your spelling :) Pick the correctly spelt word. Only one is right! Skipped questions are automatically wrong. Please NO CHEATING! if you cheat, then I hope you feel guilty at the end of the test.

  • 2
    And, again! remember; pick the correctly spelt word. Only one is right!

  • 3
    And another! what one is correct?

  • 4
    And another.

  • 5
    And another. (No, I'm not Carol Vorderman)

  • 6
    Question Six..... Like Rainbow Six, but in question form.

  • 7
    7th question! You cant be getting bored yet? only 9 more to go! (inclusive)

  • 8
    Remember: "I before E, except after C".......

  • 9
    Remember the last rule I said? You know it doesn't always work...

  • 10
    Last one of this type!(as in funny)