• So, you think you have a varied taste in music, right? When someone asks you what kind of music you listen to, your typical answer is "all kinds." Maybe you've even been known to describe yourself as "eclectic." Whatever the case, you're pretty sure you know your stuff when it comes to music, right? Well, this is where we're going to find out the truth.

    This quiz is divided into four sections, each of which will test your knowledge in a different musical area--lyrics, Name That Tune, etc. The questions will come from a variety of decades and genres, including the generally unpalatable ones like country and rap. They're ranked according to difficulty--so you'll get more points for knowing a song most people don't then you will for knowing something that gets frequent radio play. Think you can handle it? Well, good luck. They all came from my own personal music collection of almost 5,000 songs, and I have the most diverse musical taste of anyone I know. It's also a pretty long quiz--don't bother unless you have a few minutes to spare.

    Oh, one more thing--this is my first test, so if you'd be kind enough to leave me feedback and let me know how I did I'd love you forever. =)