• Hi! I devised this little excercise to square off non-linear thinking vs. confidence in decision making. Sounds complicated? It's only 10 questions, which do throw some light on reactions you may have to simple situations. In the conflicting world of highly specialized experts who rarely work in the field of their expertise, "eclectic" still is nearly a dirty word. Jack-of-all-trades and master of none: does it sound familiar?
  • From Wiki: "Eclecticism is an approach to thought that does not hold rigidly to a single paradigm or set of assumptions or conclusions, but instead draws upon multiple theories to gain complementary insights into phenomena, or applies only certain theories in particular cases. This is sometimes inelegant, and eclectics are sometimes criticised for lack of consistency in their thinking, but it is common in many fields of study. For example, most psychologists accept parts of behaviorism, but do not attempt to use the theory to explain all aspects of human behavior. Similarly, a physicist may use Newton's laws for predicting the motion of baseballs, but will switch to the relativity for predicting motion of galaxies or to quantum mechanics for the one of subatomic particles. A statistician may use frequentist techniques on one occasion and Bayesian ones on another." So, are you eclectic? Take this short trip to find out...

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