• Greetings, and welcome to my Economic School of Thought Test. The question of whether or not someone is pro or anti free-market is somewhat oversimplistic. In America, most effective and influential politicians claim to be in favor of a free market, yet advocate different policies and laws. Often, those individuals advocating more central control over the economy lump all "free market" economists together, when, in actuality, even economists that favor some level of capitalism differ markedly in exactly how much freedom there should be, or in what way it should be managed / preserved.

    In this test, I will ask you a few questions about various topics relevent to economic thought in an attempt to discern with which "School of Thought" you most closely align. For the sake of this test, there will only be four classifications; however, there are definitely many more Economic Schools of Thought (one book I've read, for instance, generally references six). Two of the approaches are those most prevalent in America, another is the one to which I ascribe myself. NOTE: The fourth classification will be a "catch-all" for those who either are passionately opposed to a free-market or else are sufficiently ignorant of its workings as to be unclassifiable. Lastly, any test such as this will be fraught with the bias of the author, but I respond to such criticism by recognizing this, as you should, too.

    I hope you will find this test amusing. If you are in favor of the free market, this is your chance to disassociate yourself - at least on OkCupid - from the policies and methods you don't support. Are you a communist, socialist, fascist, authoritarian? Here is an opportunity to let the OkCupid community know you understand the market and just flat don't believe it's right/useful! If you don't understand much about economics, I hope this test gives you some questions on which to ponder.