• Hi! And welcome to my Economic Understanding Test. With this test you can find out how much you have understood the basics of capitalistic economy (something everyone should know, not only economists). This includes comparison to socialist and environmentalist arguments.

    All questions can be answered with Yes, Partially Yes, and No. Sometimes an additional I don't understand option is available. Skipping a question is the same as choosing I don't understand or, if not available, No.

    I will measure three preferences variables and one understanding variable. The first three indicate your political/economical world-view while the last one indicates how well you understand the underlying economic mechanics. So, if you receive a lower score in understanding, it might be beneficial to spend a few additional thoughts on your position. (Actually that never hurts.)

    Please keep in mind that this is in no way scientific and shall be fun. It is of course possible that you receive a lower score on anything only because I am wrong and you are not. Also, my scoring depends on my own view of the world and it is possible that I find things important that you do not and vice versa, which can also lead to you not getting as much points as expected.