• Hi! And welcome to my Elvis trivia Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your Elvis knowledge
  • 1
    This test is about

  • 2
    Did Elvis have any siblings?

  • 3
    What Elvis movie did Raquel Welsh appear in

  • 4
    1 person in the following groups never appeared in an Elvis movie. Pick from the following actors who the actor/actress was. A)Mary Tyler Moore, Kurt Russel. B)Charles Bronson, Walter Mathau. C)Barbera Stanwyk, Shelley Fabres. D)Ann Margeret, Sally Field

  • 5
    Elvis Daughter was once married to

  • 6
    What branch of the service was Elvis in?

  • 7
    Elvis Was born in ...

  • 8
    Elvis manager was

  • 9
    Elvis memorized every line from what George C. Scott movie?

  • 10
    How much did Elvis pay for Graceland?

  • 11
    What famous rock star once snuck on the grounds of Graceland in an unsuccessful attempt to meet Elvis?

  • 12
    What was Elvis Presley's favorite soft drink?

  • 13
    In which movie did Elvis play a dual role?

  • 14
    Elvis' first Gold million copy seller record was

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