• IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD. You are the only person who knows this.

    You are an astronomer no one will listen to who just discovered a comet the size of the moon headed straight towards Earth. Or you are a Ghostbuster, and it has become clear that the roof of a building on Central Park has been designed to focus psychicturbulence and spawn Gozer, possibly as a large torg, or a giant fictional marshmellow man. Maybe your phone line was crossed with government officials who were speaking of the rapture. Or maybe during a hallucinagen trip, you envisioned what was beyond any doubt, robots taking over mankind.

    But that is all irrelevant to this test. The point is, the end of the world is coming, you are the only member of the public who realizes this, and hypothetically, it IS going to happen.

    So, this test is to determine what kind of life you would lead for that six months, (and whether or not I should contact you if I recieve information that the world is going to end).