• According to the World Conservation Union (WCN / IUCN), over fifteen thousand of the Earth's species are threatened with extinction. Sitting at a computer in the developed world, it's hard to appreciate the significance of a plant or animal dying out. It doesn't really affect our daily lives, but it's just one more in a long list of living things that were around long before humans and now are irretrievably gone as a result of our activity.

    This test isn't about sending you on a guilt trip for being human, it's for learning about some of the most vulnerable species on the planet. Questions get progressively harder within a section - you will need to look things up! I would love it if every taker scored 100%, as it would mean that they'd looked things up and learnt a bit more about our fragile Earth.

  • All information is correct at the time of writing, and I will endeavour to add updates as the situation changes (i.e. extinction or successful protection). The test will track two variables - basic knowledge about conservation and well-known species; and advanced knowledge about critically endangered and rare species.