• This is a very long test about the Law of England and Wales! It covers elements of Contract, Criminal and Tort Law. You can use it to test your knowledge of the law (and claim bragging rights if you do well) but hopefully and more interestingly you’ll appreciate some of the more esoteric aspects of English law

    It's 4pts for a correct answer, 2pts for admitting you don't know the answer [idea cribbed from the Easy Astrophysics Test, which I recommend you do!] and 0pts for getting it wrong. If you don't know the right answer, choose the final option. Law is one of those subjects where if you don't know what to do, it is better to sit tight!

    The content of the test should be correct, although with law, many different interpretations of the facts are possible. Any corrections would be gratefully received. Finally, when answering the questions please bear in mind that the character limit OKCupid places on questions and answers means I have had to adopt an abnormal level of brevity. Thus there may be a need to read beyond the text of the questions to make reasonable implications.

    Nothing connected to the law is complete without a big fat disclaimer.

    DISCLAIMER: None of the content in this test is intended to represent legal advice and accordingly the author assumes no responsibility and subsequently liability for any damage, harm or loss incurred in relying or acting on information contained in this test. In case of any doubt, consult a qualified legal practitioner and do not use the information in this test to plan or commit heinous acts.