• Hello. Lot's of people have written compatibility tests here in OKCupidland. I'm now one of them. :) I feel like I've been looking for love (or what passes for it these days) in all the wrong places. If I didn't know better, I'd think there's no one out there who fits with my quirks and desires, no one who can keep up with my esoteric and nebulous ramblings. I hope you'll be the one to prove me wrong. Are you the Yoko to my John? And if you are, will you promise not to sing? Click "Next" and find out. Please note, though, that this test is as complex as I am. There are 85 questions (assuming you get past the first one), some of which require a lot of reading and/or a lot of thought. I hope this fact doesn't discourage you. Instead, I suggest you get cozy with the beverage of your choice and proceed. You never know, it could be our lucky day!

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