• Is there such a thing as ethical net usage? After all, it's just digital reality. Not meatspace.

    And if there is such a thing as ethical net usage ... who defines those ethics?

    Good question.

    The best I can do here is make my own subjective value judgments. That's what this test is.

    Would you trust my ethical judgments?

    If so, take this test.

    Are you curious to know my ethical judgments?

    If so, take this test.

    Tests on ethics are tricky. Unethical persons might be tempted to answer test questions as a means to an end (e.g. satisfying peer pressure), rather than as an outlet for the truth.

    I want to invite you to make an exception to that rule (if such is your rule). Give the truth a chance. By letting your authentic self be known, you have a greater chance of attracting persons who will be pleased with your ethics. This means less confrontations for all.

    Some questions have an "obvious" right or wrong answer. Don't pick "right" just to protect your image. This is your chance to come clean. If you hide away who you are, it will emerge later, and then everyone will lose.

    Be 100% honest. If you desire to take this test, commit yourself to let the world know your real answers.