• Hi! And welcome to my European Monarchs Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your suitability for the throne. Are you an enlightened ruler of your people or an oppressive despot?
  • 1
    Which Austrian monarch first took residence at Schonbrunn?

  • 2
    Which German monarch does NOT belong to the Hohenzollern dynasty

  • 3
    Which French monarch founded the bourbon dynasty?

  • 4
    Which european nation currently has a Bourbon monarch on the throne?

  • 5
    Maximillian, the ill-fated emperor of Mexico, was a member of which european dynasty?

  • 6
    If you wear the crown of St. Stephen, which nation do you rule?

  • 7
    Near which Russian city were the last ruling members of the Romanov dynasty killed?

  • 8
    What was Casimir the Great of Poland's capital city?

  • 9
    Which English monarch signed the "Great Charter" at Runnymede in 1215?

  • 10
    Which monarch was NOT part of the third crusade?

  • 11
    Which monarch defeated the Ottoman Turks at Vienna in 1683?