• Four Classic Army MP5's

  • This Test shall measure your knowledge of all things Airsoft, from Equipment, Accessories, and Gearboxes, to National Events, and even Ammunitions. Hopefully, this will help you educate yourself (all the answers can be found if you look long enough) as well as providing a definitive answer to you and your friends over who knows the most about the insides of a Gearbox.

    Most of you interested in taking this test will already know what Airsoft is; and in that case go ahead and start the test. However, some of you will not know much about Airsoft, other than the fact that it exists and it's not paintball.

    According to ScorpioVI, Airsoft Retreat, and Airsplat, Airsoft is "the hobby of collecting realistic, non-lethal, shooting replicas of actual firearms either for display or for the purposes of skirmishing in friendly competition."

    Airsoft started in Japan, according to wikipedia, around 1980. The sport remains more popular in Japan and Southeast Asia than in the rest of the world, but interest is growing rapidly worldwide. Due to the realistic nature of the weaponry, Airsoft has more possibilities than does paintball.

    One of these possibilities is MILitary SIMulation, or MILSIM, where the participants strive to look like, use, and/or accurately portray real military units and their equipment. MILSIM, though somewhat a controversial topic, is generally considered to be impossible in paintball due to the non-realistic look of the equipment and- especially- the weapons. Though not all Airsoft is MILSIM, it illustrates a completely different aspect than that of the more popular paintball playing style, "Speedball" (also playable in Airsoft).

    Airsoft, even outside of MILSIMs, tends to emphasis tactics and teamwork in a different way than paintball. Teams try to use real military tactics, manuevers, jargon, and hand signals in order to complete their task(s). Though, this aspect of the game is more on an individual to individual, or group to group, basis.

    In the end, there are many pros and cons in the debate of Airsoft vs Paintball, and we won't go into all of them here. However, regardless of how much you like Paintball, or if you've never played either (Airsoft or Paintball), Airsoft is a great game if it's given the chance and definitely worth trying.

    (There will be dispute on some of the questions I have asked; however, I have tried to provide a reference when I felt the question might inspire a significant amount of debate without that reference).