• The Mother series is among the quirkiest, most unique RPG series ever created and Shigesato Itoi is an artistic genius. Of this series, Earthbound/Mother 2 is by far the most well-known to the Engrish-speaking population, being the only game of its series released in the U.S. It was released here on June 1, 1995, two and a half months before the massively hyped Chrono Trigger, which along with Final Fantasy VI of yesteryear, surely stole a lot of its sales due to much higher-end graphics. While I personally cannot deny the supreme awesomeness of CT and FF6, I will say that no game made before or since Earthbound has matched its unique combination of wacky atmosphere and solid gameplay. It is a misunderstood masterpiece.
  • Earthbound/Mother 2 has a moderately small cult following due to its extremely unique modern setting, a stark contrast to medieval, fantasy-like settings most RPGs traditionally use, as well as a perpetually trippy, odd, and amusing atmosphere with influences as diverse as 50's horror movies, the Beatles, and the Japanese poking fun at Western culture.

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