• Do you make "wah-wah" noises and other incomprehensible sounds at babies? Have you ever purchased anything from the Hello Kitty range? Did you - even momentarily - look at Barney the disturbing purple dinosaur and think that he wasn't absolutely sickening?


    If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this test is for you. Of course, it's also for those of us with a morbid fascination with the inanely cute things of the world. In fact, it's the perfect test for anyone who wants to test just how much cuteness - fluffy, happy, fuzzy, Disney, innocent, disgusting cuteness - they can stand.


    So how do we measure such a thing? By hitting you with a barrage of disturbingly cute images and ideas and asking you whether they make you sick to the stomach. Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready to get cute?



    LAUNCHED: January 2, 2007.

    UPDATED: October 24, 2008.