• Directions: For the following items, if the statement describes how you feel or what you believe, respond "Yes", if it does not describe how you feel or what you believe, respond with "No".

    Credit where is due:

    This scale belongs to Lawrence R. Good and Katherine C. Good, i just merely adapted it for okcupid and interpreted the scores.

    Thanks to Leviscomte this test is not an unreadable mess.

  • 1
    I frequently have the feeling that my life has little or no purpose.

  • 2
    I mostly feel bored and indifferent by what is going on around me.

  • 3
    I find life exciting and challenging.

  • 4
    I often feel that my accomplishments are pretty worthless.

  • 5
    I usually feel that i am merely existing, not really living.

  • 6
    I generally feel that it is useless to discuss things with others because they never really understand.

  • 7
    I feel that i have more to look forward to in life than most others do.

  • 8
    My daily activities mostly seem to be rather pointless.

  • 9
    I generally feel depressed when i think about the future.

  • 10
    I have never found any type of work that i really enjoy.

  • 11
    My feelings don't seem to mean anything to anyone else.

  • 12
    I find religion to be rather empty.

  • 13
    I feel that it is useless to try to convince anyone else of anything.

  • 14
    I often feel that i have little to look forward to.

  • 15
    I do not feel that life is meaningless.

  • 16
    I never seem to enjoy things the way others seem to.

  • 17
    I generally feel that i am getting nowhere, no matter how much effort i put forth.

  • 18
    I feel that i have found more meaning in life than most others have.

  • 19
    I rarely take a strong interest in what i am reading or studying.

  • 20
    There is nothing in my past life that is particularly worth or remembering.

  • 21
    I feel that my life is of no real importance to anyone.

  • 22
    I can always find something to do that i really enjoy.

  • 23
    I feel that there is little, if anything, in this world that is particularly worth pursuing over a long period.

  • 24
    My life seems to be rather aimless.

  • 25
    I find it difficult to beliave strongly in anything.

  • 26
    Almost everyone i know seems to live a rather empty life.

  • 27
    Generally, i feel that what i do is pretty useless.

  • 28
    I usually don't know what to do with myself.

  • 29
    I do not have any important goals in life.

  • 30
    I mostly feel all alone in the world.

  • 31
    I seldom feel a strong sense of responsability for another person.

  • 32
    I feel that i am a productive person.