• Throughout recorded human history, across different cultures, the state of being alone has been associated with vulnerability, despair, nobility, peace, the path to enligthenment, and a whole host of other ideas and states. This test attempts to infer the various senses in and degrees to which you lead a lonely existence in the contemporary world.

    For the purpose of this test, I will define "loneliness" as a state in which one is alienated to others & discontented.

  • This test will track a total of 4 variables:

    1) social level: how socially involved you are
    2) alienation: the extent to which you fail to connect with others and/or they fail to connect with you, as well as how well your interests harmoniously relate with others' interests
    3) contentment: the extent to which you're satisfied with your current social life, and
    4) optimism: the extent to which you believe your social contentment will improve