• We are all going to hell. That is just a simple fact of the afterlife we have to accept. There is not a single soul who can claim never to have sinned or never to have had a sinful thought. If someone tells a dirty joke, and someone else reproaches them for it... then it is clear that the reproacher understood the joke, proving that he or she is also dirty-minded. There is no escaping... it is just a matter of how DEEP into hell you will find yourself. This test is just an extensive study to find out which level of hell you will most likely fall into. At least you will be mentally and emotionally prepared when fate sends you plunging into the depth of hell for the rest of eternity. For the sake of this test, I will use nine levels of hell, closer to Chinese mythology. This would allow me to work with a system that wouldn't conflict with most western believes of your so-called afterlife.

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