The Fairly Comprehensive, Sort-of Difficult Starbucks Knowledge Test

  • As a Starbucks employee, I feel morbidly compelled to take other users' Starbucks trivia
    tests, and, to be honest, I find them all a little lacking, so I've decided to write my own.

    Now, we all know Sbux is a big, evil, corporate giant, so don't take this as any endorsement
    to go buy their products. In fact, why don't you go support your local independent coffee shop?
    (And you didn't hear this from me, but if you live in the Seattle area especially, there are
    just so many other better coffee roasters/shops around that there is really no need to go to
    Starbucks). But this test isn't about who you support, it's about how much you know about a
    good old-fashioned American corporation we call Starbucks!

    That said, this test is all in fun, and Starbucks partners will probably find it easier than
    non-partners. It does presuppose a little coffee knowledge on your part. And if you happen to
    be a higher up, please don't fire me for endorsing non-Starbuckian coffee enterprises or
    calling Starbucks evil; it's all in good fun.

    This test is fairly comprehensive and maybe just a little bit hard, but try your hardest; I'm
    sure you know more than you think you might know!

    Your score will be determined by measuring your Starbucks IQ. You will be asked questions
    about Starbucks history, drink-making, coffee knowledge, and random company trivia. Have

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