• Hi! And welcome to my Family Guy Knowledge Test. Do you think you know Family Guy? I'll be using advanced logical thinking (not really) but some pretty tough questions to test your knowledge of this subject.
  • 1
    What town does the Griffin family live in?

  • 2
    Mayor Adam West is portrayed by which actor, who played batman in the 1960's?

  • 3
    Adam West claims that someone is?

  • 4
    Adam west claims he has what, on his body?

  • 5
    Adam West's Intern ( and lover ) is?

  • 6
    What Does Stewie refer to Peter as?

  • 7
    What book does Stewie receive on how to go potty?

  • 8
    What popular bar is the second home for Peter and his buddies?

  • 9
    Why did Brian hit peter in the face with a rock

  • 10
    Why was meg locked out of the house?

  • 11
    What did Peter ask meg when she tought the family a valuble lesson?

  • 12
    Why is Chris the favorite Griffin Child?

  • 13
    What two rappers does Stewie call out

  • 14
    What freaks out Stewie at the bottom of a pool?

  • 15
    What happend to Peters fingers?

  • 16
    Why does Peter fight the Chicken?

  • 17
    What is different about Lois's old room and meg's room?

  • 18
    Who constantly torments Mort's Pharmacy?

  • 19
    What name Peter's ancestor suggested for Bugs Bunny?

  • 20
    A popular drug at Quahog High is?

  • 21
    In the Safe House episode, Peter sends down Meg to?

  • 22
    In the end the Robbers file a law suit against Meg for?

  • 23
    Who is a constant disturbance to dramatic scenes in Family guy?

  • 24
    what is Lois's maiden name?

  • 25
    What is Lois's brother's name?

  • 26
    What song is playing when Chris is sucked into the back of the milk shelf at the grocery store?