• Welcome to the

    Fantasy RPG Class Adventure!


    Which of the RPG classes do you fall into? Will you choose the path of the Warrior or the Demon? Will you unlock the power of a Magician or the cunningness of a Thief? What hidden abilities lie deep within your soul? Step forward young warrior and discover the answer to these questions and more with this test! But choose your path wisely; you may discover things about yourself that you never wanted to know...


  • The Adventure
  • You will begin by TRAINING and honing your skills with a master. Then you can choose to go on a QUEST to the top of a FIERY VOLCANO to slay a DRAGON that is wreaking havoc on the villages below! Prepare yourself!

    After TRAINING you may immediately END YOUR QUEST and SEE YOUR RPG CLASS! There are a total of 100 RPG Classes in this adventure! Which of the many RPG classes is yours?


  • Enhance The Fantasy RPG Class Test
  • For those who want a more engaging experience, play the music provided in the links below when you reach the appropriate part of the Fantasy RPG Class Test. Right click and open the links below in new tabs, then wait until you see the ♫ symbol indicating that the next song should be played:

    The Mysterious Forest

    The Fiery Volcano

    The Dark Cave

    The End


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