• Hi! And welcome to my test! This is a new improved version of my 'Are you stylish and tasteful?' test. But this one is way more complex, which means that it's not so easy to score high on it. In addition, this test is not so completely female based as the previous one, although it's not 50/50, since most of the images are still related to the outfit for women. I've also added bigger pictures where it was neccessary, which allows you to make a better and a way more accurate choice. Besides, at the very end you will be able to see the chart of all the eight categories of fashion personas also classified as Fashion Freaks or Fashion Icons depending on the final score. I've done my best to improve this test, so now I hope that you'll have fun taking it. Don't forget that it's just a test after all and don't get offended if the outcome seems not so pleasing as you expected.  

    I'd highly recommend taking this test on HelloQuizzy for a better preview of the images: http://helloquizzy.okcupid.com/tests/the-fashion-icon-or-fashion-freak-test

    Have fun!