• We are going to see how feline you really are.  We will be using feline logic, not Aristotelian logic.  Aristotle probably liked cats, cause he was cool.  But feline logic is different.

    A Lion puts his head in your tent.  You stroke his nose and say 'nice kitty' and then push gently and he leaves.  That is feline logic. 

    You leave something on the table.  The cat comes and eats it.  Feline logic says you didn't eat it, so why shouldn't the cat eat it? 

    Shopping list:

    Now, to be prepared for this test, you need to go to the deli or whatever and get at least four of the following:




    fish fillet or whole

    anchovies (not salted)


    unsalted butter

    whipping cream

    scrambled eggs



    OK, then, we are ready to get started.

    Just put that stuff over there.