• The goal of this test is to determine how likely you are to cheat. If you have a secret crush on someone else, do you have the willpower keep the temptation in check? And when these urges come up, are you likely to talk about them or try to hide them?

    Using their score as a guide, people disposed towards cheating can link up with each other and those not can link up, and members of each side sigh in exasperation at the other without actually hurting anyone. In theory.

    The test has about 40 questions. Questions will essentially break it down into 3 categories.

    Practical Fidelity: How much you've actually cheated or are likely to cheat.
    Theoretical Fidelity: Whether you have the habits typically associated with a cheater, even if you don't actually cheat.
    Communication: How honest you are with your partner about your activities and/or desires.

    For the purposes of these questions, "cheating" counts as any situation where your partner would have considered it cheating. So for instance if you're a masseuse and you give back rubs every day and your partner knows this, it's not cheating. But if say there is this one coworker with whom you feel you have to steal away into the shadows to do your rubbings in secret, that's cheating.

    WARNING: Make sure you read the questions carefully and don't miss any, or you might not get the score you expected, and it will show up on your profile. If this happens, you will need to re-take the test to get a better score.

  • 1
    Let's cut to the chase. How many times have you cheated? (Count the number of affairs).

  • 2
    OK, regardless of your answer to the first question, if you ever were to cheat, how truthful would you be about it?

  • 3
    How many times have you been in a situation where you wished it were OK to cheat, but held yourself in check? (If you weren't able to hold yourself in check, make sure you included this in your answer to Question #1).

  • 4
    How many people have you cheated on? (Note this is not the same as question #1, since it is possible to cheat on many people with the same person).

  • 5
    How many times have you been "the other man/woman?"

  • 6
    For those using OkCupid to find a romantic/sexual partner, are you already in a relationship/affair with someone else?

  • 7
    For those using OkCupid to find a romantic/sexual partner, are you already in love with someone who is unavailable to you, and using the service to help get your mind off of them?

  • 8
    Let's say you have found your True Love. He/She wants a relationship with you, but is married. However, he/she wants to have a relationship with you on the side. What is your response?

  • 9
    Say that you've found your True Love, but they are not available. Luckily you've met someone else, fallen in love, and now you're married. But then your True Love becomes available, and wants to get back together with you. What do you do?

  • 10
    Pick the celebrity you are the most attracted to. Now say the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arises for you to go on a date (likley leading to sex) with them in complete secrecy, unbeknownst to your committed partner. What do you do?

  • 11
    What do you think about "open" relationships?

  • 12
    What's your attitude towards fantasizing about others when in a relationship?

  • 13
    Does it count if you cheated on someone while you were extremely drunk?

  • 14
    If you are married or engaged, do you remove your wedding/engagement ring for social events where you may encounter the gender(s) you are attracted to (other than situations where the ring could otherwise be damaged or lost)?

  • 15
    Is it okay for gays, lesbians, or bisexuals to cheat?

  • 16
    Are you generally an honest person when it comes to other things besides relationships?

  • 17
    In the opening of this test, it was stated that for these questions, "cheating" counts as any situation where your partner would have considered it cheating. What do you think is cheating?

  • 18
    In a monogamous relationship, is it OK to cheat if you have proof that your partner is already cheating or has cheated on you?

  • 19
    Suppose that life is a science fiction movie where you have been placed in suspended animation. You wake up in a future where monogamy is all but forgotten, and people form romantic relationships with as many others as they want. What's the closest to your reaction?

  • 20
    Do you keep pictures, momentos, etc. from past relationships even when involved in a new, serious relationship?

  • 21
    Do you tend to stay sexually interested in your partners?