• Sometimes my life seems like one long running gag. Do you ever get that way? My best friend and I really don't even talk anymore, we just spit our inside jokes back and forth between one another. I'm sure if anyone heard one of our conversations they would say something like, "Ummm...why are you referring to them all as a 'Matt'?" Well, that joke isn't really covered in this test, only the longest lasting inside jokes I share with her, and others, are covered here. This test will quiz you to see if you know (or can at least guess) all of my long lasting inside jokes. Fill in the blank style. Go, have fun!


    NOTE:This test does make some mild sexual and drug references. One of the results has a pretty graphic (non-sexual) image in it. It's probably not offensive, but if you don't like crass humor you can either avoid this or take it as a first step to desensitization. Your choice.