• "(2507 A.D.) Five hundred years in the future, Earth-That-Was is no longer habitable and mankind has colonized a distant galaxy. We moved out -- terraformed and colonized hundreds of new earths; some, rich and flush with the new technologies; some, not so much. The central planets -- them as formed the Alliance -- decided all the planets had to join under their rule.

    There was some 'disagreement' on that point.

    After the Unification War, many Independents drifted to the edges of civilization, far from Alliance control. Out here, people struggle to get by with the most basic of technologies. A ship will bring you work; a gun will help you keep it.

    A captain's goal is simple: find crew, find a job... keep flying. "

    Hi, and welcome Whedon fans!!

    I wrote this test because there was only one other test on 'OKCupid' I could find that tested which Firefly character you were, and it had no pictures! So I put in a bit of hard work and came up with my own test... which I think is much better! I hope you like it!
    I've been tweaking it as I go along, so hopefully the results are more accurate for y'all now :)

    This test was intended mostly for fans of the TV series 'Firefly' which then led to the recent 'Serenity' movie being made by Joss Whedon. But fans of the movie alone should still enjoy the test.

    The test will measure your answers on 3 different subjects, then allocate you with the character that is most similar to your real personality.
    (NOTE: Choosing the 'ideal' answers won't necessarily match you up with an 'ideal' character - this isn't an ideal future... some of the most arguably likeable characters are the ones that haven't fully adapted to the harsh reality surrounding them)
    It's worth mentioning the test is not gender-biased. You can get any male or female cast characters, depending on your result.

    I also threw a few 'guest stars' in for fun that aren't actually part of the Serenity crew per se... but are still on for the ride. At the end of the test you are able to see all 10 possible results. Don't forget to rate my test if you like it on the results page!

    Good luck.. alright let's be bad guys, shall we?