• Hi! And welcome to my First date test Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. will there be a second date? lets find out.
  • 1
    OK you meet up, ether one of you picked each other up or you meat some where. it don"t matter. OK heres the question nether one of you know where to go or what to do, would you rather your date pick a place and follow his/her lead or you pick the place and just GO

  • 2
    OK your at the place that was picked, your date and you are talking, Do you just to key questions that will give you good info on there personality type, or play it safe and try to make the evening fun and meaningful

  • 3
    you guys are getting hungry and want to eat. your siting down and your about to order. do you ?

  • 4
    OK its check time your ready to move on to the rest of the date What do you do?

  • 5
    OK you and your date have done few activity's and the night is closing down so far its gone well you don't want the date to end just yet, do you ?