• Congratulations to liverpool, you did england proud. I wanted to call this test ball ball ball, footie footie footie in honor of the greatest football song ever written by adam & joe, http://doctormacintosh.co.uk/anj/media/sounds/the_footie_song.mp3 sample lyric 'when i go to villa, my views obscured by a concrete pillar'. but i couldnt fit that many words in the title. also, its not about american football, thats shite. i watched the super bowl once, absolute wank, stop start and pointless. how can you love a sport built around advert breaks and product placement? plus the teams can move to a whole new city, thats mental. this is football, because the players used their fucking feet. and its never called soccer

    anyway, this test is going to test every aspect of your football knowledge, stretch every part of that lager addled brain, and have some nice pictures. scoring will depend on knowledge, attitudes and, oh some other things.

    if you like this, try doing my stoned situation quiz too lots of luck

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