• What do you think makes a big kid? Whining alot? Having Spongebob merch of all kinds? Or simply appreciating the little joys in life?

    Do you only 'like' the kids shows it is 'ok' to 'like' because it is retro or ironic, or Hot Topic has t-shirts of it? Or do you seriously sit down and browse the kid channels as much as anything else?

    I have no place to decide really but this test is a little bit of fun to see if you get what being a big kid is all about.


    P.S. There's nothing wrong with Spongebob merch, or kid show t-shirts, as long as you're not being 'retro' or 'ironic'. Treat it like band merch - do you ACTUALLY like it?

  • 1

    First things first. What kids shows do you like?

  • 2

    Lazytown: Thoughts?

  • 3

    Should teenagers/adults (other than those looking after relatives) be banned from public playgrounds and told to move on?

  • 4

    Should there be more older kid/adult-sized equipment in public playgrounds?

  • 5

    What do you think being a 'forever young' involves? (ignoring the intro to the test)

  • 6

    Is there a difference between being 'forever young' and being 'childish' or 'immature'?

  • 7

    Doing stupid stunts with your mates (that may or may not involve petty vandalism) - good or bad?

  • 8

    What does it mean to be mature?

  • 9

    What are your thoughts on the 'real world' and 'growing up'?