• Hello, forum fans! If you're anything like me, you come across ALL KINDS of.. uh.. "interesting" characters on forums. Have you ever noticed certain, re-occuring patterns of behavior in the people who frequent them? Well, I definitely have.


    After a bit of pondering, I have managed to identify 10 classic forum personalities under which a majority of forum-goers can be catagorized. They are as follows: The Lurker, The Socialist, The Asshole, The Shadow, The Open Book, The Pervert, The Drama Queen, The Outcast, The Attention-Whore/Troll, and The Spammer.


    Now, I realize that not everyone will strictly fit into just one category. Maybe you exemplify 2 or more of the personalities, and that's ok! The goal of this test is simply to find out which of these personalities seems to be your "primary" type.

    If you're ready to be judged, criticized, stereotyped, and all that fun stuff (not really), click the button below to get started!