• (Photo by Eugene Ter-Avakyan via Flickr)
  • Are you an Innovator? A Strategist?

    What about an Effector? Or maybe you're an Ace? Take the quiz to find out!

  • This test is based off of Bartle's Player Type Test as well as a few other suggested player types proposed by innovators in the feild of gamification. You can find the original Bartle Type Test over on gamerdna.com


    I've created a new quiz because some of the questions on Bartle's test are outdated, focusing mainly on MUD game players, and aren't relative to many modern players. I kept the oversimplified 4-type model and tweaked the categories/descriptions for each to be more relative to the modern player. As many people concerned with gamification have suggested, I realize that the 4-type model doesn't cover all player types and leaves something to be desired. However, I am not a gamification expert or player psychology expert, and I am doing this purely for fun, so I'm sticking with the simplest model for now.


    NOTE: I understand that sometimes the options given are not the options that you as a player would perform given full choice. However, please treat each question like a restricted scenario where you aren't given any other way of playing, much as it often is in real games.


    Hope you enjoy!