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    Party like a rock star ... .


    Dress like a movie star ... .


    Do IT like a porn star ... .


  • A fun test to see just what kind of person you are in a bar setting & if you just MIGHT be able to score with a Hottie or not?

    Are you well know in many bars?
    (and if so, is it a good thing?)
    Do they think:
    Rock Star?
    Movie Star??
    PORN STAR???


    Do the bartenders know you?
    As in your DRINK and your NAME?
    (or just know that you are cheap? easy?? SLEASY??)


    Do they call you by name?
    - or just yell "Hey A**hole"
    - followed by ..."GET OUT!"


    How about the Hotties?
    Do they make eye contact?
    Do they seem really happy to see you coming towards them? (like a ROCK STAR?)

    Are you the type person who they want to share Body shots with?
    (EVEN ON?) Like a MOVIE STAR?

    Take this little quiz and find out if your as lovable as a "NORM"
    - or -
    You should be BANNED from ever going out in public!




    Sorry to disappoint you all, but it's a play with words ...

    Only thing FREE here, is the ADVICE.
    Is that not the thing?
    If it was up to me:
    BEER would be FREE!
    (and you would/should BUY advice when needed!)


    As a bartender, I've seen many drunk people and how they interact with each other. You name it, I've seen it.
    I've also notice the people who get lucky every night.
    I tend to notice the socially inept are the ones who usually go home alone.

    Threw out this test you'll be given some choices that should be able to categorize where you fall on the social scheme in a bar setting.

    You could fall into the 'Bartender' category (Since we are using 'CHEERS' theme, Like Sam ... Who did very well with the 'hotties')

    Well, you'll soon find out ... 9 category's in all!

    After it's said and done:
    Advice from Sam.